IQ Option trading platform is one of the most popular trading apps supporting various tradable instruments including the crypto itself and other instruments such as

This broker gives the chance for the traders or to the individual investors to speculate the price and be able to predict the next movement of the crypto price Higher or Lower than the strike price ( purchased price ).

IQ Option supports various of cryptocurrencies assets up to 24 cryptocoin such as Bitcoin, Tron, Etherum, Litecoin, IOTA and much more

With a fixed multiplier up to x100 ( Leverage 1:100 ) with pretty good spread depending on the multiplier.

iq option crypto
IQ Option Crypto Trading App
Best Crypto Trading Broker
Start your trading career with IQ Option Broker
Including multiple instruments into 1 platform such as
Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, CFD, etc...
4.8 rating
Your capital might be at risk

Platform Overview

IQ Option trading app is made simple for every trader who is willing to use this platform. We have put this little guide to make you understand how it works.

iq option crypto trading
IQ Option Bitcoin Trading
  • 1 – Selected Asset ( Eg: Bitcoin x100 ) – First, we need to take an asset to trade, we’ve selected Bitcoin x100
  • 2 – Info button: Second, you can take a look at the information’s concerning the selected asset such as Traders’ Sentiment, 24H change, and much more features.
  • 3 – Amount, Third, you select the desired amount to invest in this asset, for example, $10 ( Note: you can start investing from $1 up to $20,000 ).
  • 4 – Multiplier, as we have Bitcoin x100 here we have as default x100 as a multiplier that means fixed leverage 1:100.
  • 5 – Auto-Close Feature, This feature will give you the ability to set auto-close levels known as take-profit and stop-loss ( Works in percentage % or when reaching a fixed amount $ or auto-close when reaching fixed price level).
  • 6 – Make your trade, in this step, you will take your trade depending on your analysis ( Buy or Sell ), Means, it will go higher or lower than the purchase price ( Strike price ).
  • 7 – Purchase at, this feature is to set a fixed level where to auto-open the trade ( pending order ), you can set up your trade using this function when you predicting the price will fall or rise in that level.
  • 8 – Most important news upcoming or passed with detailed information’s
  • 9 – Charting tool in this Final step you can customize your chart as the timeframe, changing the chart type ( eg: heiken-ashi), drawing your support/resistance or placing a technical indicators.

How to join IQ Option Crypto Broker?

You can join this crypto broker from today and be able to place your live trades within a couple of seconds after following the guidelines of the platform overview.

Then, to be a part of this broker it takes a few seconds, all you need is to Signup ( required to have an accessible and valid email address ), then you are in.

Top Crypto Broker
Start your trading career with IQ Option Broker
Including multiple instruments into 1 platform such as
Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, CFD, etc...
4.8 rating
Your capital might be at risk


As the most top-rated broker IQ Option gives multiple account types for every user using this platform such As a demo account, a standard account, and a VIP account.

  • Demo account: You are able to practice your trading strategies and be familiar with this Crypto Broker with $10,000 virtual funds.
  • Standard account: Trading with real funds and to make real profits and the ability to withdraw your funds.
  • VIP Account: Special account for those who invested more than $800 in a chance to have more features


  • Deposit: Using this broker you can use various methods to deposit money including Bitcoin and others such as your credit card, Skrill, Neteller, and Perfect Money starting from $10 as an initial amount of deposit.
  • Withdraw: Using the same method of deposit you are able to withdraw your funds as minimum $2

Is IQ Option Safe?

IQ Option is the safest trading app existing through the trading industry using high-security technology to secure the funds and the personal information of the users.

Is IQ Option a scam?

No! IQ option is the most trusted broker since the foundation year “2013” trusted by millions of traders over the globe with 55,000,000 registered users and over 1,000,000 transactions per day. Read the Full IQ Option Guide in 2020

Note: “This is note an investment advice, your capital might be a risk.

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